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I offer a half day organizational training and a 20 hour training for professionals and community members who are looking to integrate a trauma informed framework into their fields of expertise. Participants who find these trainings to be beneficial include but are not limited to school teachers, yoga teachers, health care professionals, doulas, mental health care professionals, body workers, faith based leaders, and activists. Although TCTSY is based in yoga, you don’t need to be a yoga instructor or have any yoga experience to attend. The body-based practice can be adjusted to meet the needs of various demographics and fields of interest.

Half Day Training

Half day training or in-services are a great way to offer a brief introduction to the trauma sensitive content and framework. In collaboration, we can structure an introductory training to best meet the professional needs and objectives of your group or organization.


Please contact me if you are interested in bringing an introductory training into your area of influence.

20 Hour Professional Training (15 hours in person, 5 hours self-study)

The 20 hour professional training will deepen your understanding of trauma and how it impacts the entirety of a survivor’s life. It will provide specific tools for those who wish to help facilitate a body-based healing approach for survivors of trauma. Participants of this training will learn how to collaborate with survivors on their journey towards a more embodied position of peace and safety within themselves.

The desired outcomes of the 20 hour training are:

  • Ability to integrate a trauma informed framework into your life, organization, and community.

  • Tools to help facilitate trauma sensitive body-based movement and breath practices.

  • A working understanding and knowledge of complex trauma, trauma theory, attachment theory, and the neuroscience of trauma.

  • An understanding of stress, chronic stress, and trauma and the impact of each one on the body and nervous system.

  • An understanding of how using body-based movement can work to intervene and interrupt the impacts of trauma on the nervous system.

We will then move into the application of these frameworks and how to make them most useful for the populations that you serve. There is no prerequisite to take this training. All you need is an interest in deepening your understanding of complex trauma, the impacts that it has on the whole person and how incorporating the evidence based practice of TCTSY can be used as an intervention for survivors of complex and intersectional trauma. This 20 hour training also qualifies as the prerequisite for the 300 hour TCTSY-F certification program with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment. The training counts as 20 Continuing Education hours for yoga teachers.

Please contact me if you are interested in 20 hour professional training.

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