Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions

Accessibility to support and healing remains one of my highest priorities. In lieu of having a brick and mortar space I have mobile availability for one-on-one and group sessions (up to 15 people). If you have a location that you prefer I can come to you or I have options for meeting places as well.

What to expect within each TCTSY session

In TCTSY we practice doing yoga forms together as a way of noticing what we’re feeling in our bodies, and then practice making choices about what to do with our body based on what we feel in that moment.

  • No physical assists, adjustments, or touch from the facilitator.

  • Choices to explore what is okay for your body.

  • Invitation language rather than command based language.

  • Offered in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

  • Explore present moment experiences and embodiment.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are an option for organizations or groups who are interested in offering TCTSY in a group setting. In collaboration, we can develop a group session that works best for your space, group, and intentions. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and vary in price based upon distance and amount of people in the group. Each group session also includes yoga mats, blocks, and yoga blankets for up to 15 people.

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating to bring a group session to your area of influence.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one TCTSY sessions are an option for people who are looking for individualized support as a part of their healing journey. Each session is between 15 to 60 minutes depending on your preference and incorporates personal decision making within the context of breath and movement. These sessions help to foster an embodied and peaceful relationship with the body while connecting to present moment experiences.

  • Individual sessions can be done in person or online.

  • In person sessions includes a mat, blocks, and yoga blanket if interested.

  • Sliding scale is available


Please contact me for more information and pricing.

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