About Rachael

I started practicing yoga eight years ago by accident. I thought I was going to a kickboxing class at a local gym but was quite surprised to learn that I had misread the schedule and found myself in a yoga class. As all such serendipitous scenarios go, there was a greater purpose behind that first happenstance yoga class. I remember during the first class being able to feel the benefits in my body. I remember noticing my body for the first time in years and with each class, with each form, and with each breath, I could feel my body relaxing and changing. After a year of taking classes, I wanted to learn more about yoga and specifically why it was having such an effect on my mind and body. So in 2013 I enrolled in a RYT 200 teacher training program with Shanti Yoga School.

Right out of teacher training I was blessed with an opportunity to work with refugee women at a local resettlement agency. I learned so much from these initial yoga sessions but quickly noticed that the western yoga model wasn’t working for them. Therefore, I sought out resources about how to better adapt western yoga for the women. I found my way to the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga website where I was able to find others who were facilitating yoga with populations of trauma survivors.

From there, I began to dive into trauma theory, attachment theory, and the neuroscience research behind the experiences of trauma survivors. In 2016 I attended a 20 hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga training with David Emerson of the Center for Trauma

Rachael Getecha ERYT, YACEP

and Embodiment at a location in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Center for Trauma and Embodiment trains yoga teachers, mental health clinicians, and other interdisciplinary professionals in TCTSY. TCTSY is an evidence based, body centered approach to healing for survivors of trauma. To learn more about TCTSY check out their website.

After completing the initial 20 hour training, I enrolled in the 300 hour TCTSY facilitator certification in 2017 and completed that certification in 2018. I now work for The Center for Trauma and Embodiment as a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F). I am also a licensed 20 hour trainer working in Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Africa to bring TCTSY trainings to these areas of the world.

As a facilitator and trainer I am influenced by my own personal healing journey, trainings, observations of natural movement, my travels, and a belief that embodiment through movement can support healing. I aim to facilitate sessions and trainings in collaboration with others in a way that supports and reclaims decision making for each individual. I aspire to offer a space for self-led exploration and seek to create a safe space for participants - a space that allows for each person to navigate their own bodies, at their own pace, and in ways that they deem most beneficial for them. Each session and training focuses on individualism with room for dialogue and adjustments. I approach each opportunity to share TCTSY whether in session, during and in service or in training as a place to make room for the present moment experiences within a world that prizes preoccupation. I am grateful for each moment I have in collaboration with others to build safer, more peaceful spaces within individuals, organizations, and communities. Wherever you are in your journey of learning and healing as a person or as an organization, I am here to support.